What to expect from hosting

Hosting can be a rewarding experience for you and your family. Hosting is not onerous on the family as the student is here to study.

The rewards are not just financial, as hosts and students can form long lasting friendships and enrich each others understanding of language and culture.


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We have got lots of exciting events coming up……watch this space!!!!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for a heads up on the latest events and find out where our host organisers are holding their next event..

Our Manchester host families coordinators are alway available, and can arrange to meet you or call you if you prefer…..alternatively just turn up at one of our events!

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Our team is on hand 24/7 to offer guidance and support to ensure your family gets the most out of their hosting experience.

A Manchester host families coordinator will be on hand to help the student settle in and ensure they and the family have everything they need for the students’ stay.


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Manchester Host families are looking for caring host families in and around Manchester.

There are basically 2 types of host families.

  • Families with kids who can host a younger student and buddy up
  • Families without children at home i.e “empty nesters”, who can host older students.



As a host family, you are expected to provide a clean comfortable room for the visiting student. Facilities such as access to laundry, wifi are expected.

We pay fantastic rates of remuneration to our host families!

Whilst having the extra income can benefit our host families tremendously, we find that our families get so much more from the experience than just the financial benefits. Exchanging stories and cultural comparisons and getting to know each other is such a wonderful gift that enriches the lives of Manchester host families.

The unexpected benefits we hear again and again are the stories of families coming closer together with the focal point of a new temporary addition, or of life long friendships being formed between students and hosts. Many of our host families have been invited to stay with the students families.

The benefits of being a Manchester host family are so much more than just financial!

Next Steps…

Contact our Manchester host family organiser for an informal chat to find out more and discuss availability….