About Us

Our mission is to break down the dividing barriers of geography, language and culture, that separate us.

Manchester Host Families provides an opportunity for families in Manchester to accept Spanish and Swiss students into their homes for short periods.

The service was set up in response to a growing demand from young students wanting to travel to Manchester and immerse themselves in English culture whilst improving their fluency in the English language.

Becoming a host family is a truly unique experience. Becoming a Manchester Host Family is a fun, educational & rewarding experience for all family members and a chance to create life-long relationships. Manchester Host Families enjoy the opportunity to get to know new European friends, and appreciate the benefits of cultural exchange and enjoy exploring differences in culture and languages.

Manchester Host Families experience true cultural exchange and become a vital part of our students’ English learning journey. By offering a comfortable and safe environment for our students, our host families give the students a chance to experience total cultural immersion. In this way the student deepens their insight into English culture, whilst also learning local expressions and the finer nuances of English language. Students develop a more authentic accent on their return home.

Become a Manchester Host Family today and experience the benefits of this enriching cultural exchange.

Next Steps...

Contact our Manchester host family organiser for an informal chat to find out more and discuss availability....