Manchester Families through the last 70 years

Shirley Baker: Women and Children; and Loitering Men

Last week we visited Manchester Art Gallery to really take stock of what it means to be Mancunian. Retracing the cities roots gave a new perspective to the recent pain felt by the city, and is testament to why this city has been so pivotal in world evolution.

We are relatively small in terms of population, but as a city have made such an impact on the modern world, that at times of loss, disruption and strife, Manchester's industrious nature always has a voice for a way forward for humanity.

Whether we invented Graphene, created the first computer, or spilt the atom, Mancunians have always fostered an industrious nature which has made this city great and endeared the city throughout the world. This striving expresses itself through indusrty, music, arts and culture.

We are proud Mancunians!

One of our aims at Manchester Host Families, is to showcase our way of life that we are so proud of, to Spanish pupils in July. We have a few places left for any families who want to get involved FULL DETAILS HERE.

Manchester = Resilience

Manchester = Invention

Manchester = Togetherness

Manchester = Industrious

We are proud, We are family, We are Manchester.

Mancunian sayings....


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